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Get a grip! These gloves are the epitome of multitasking hand protection for extreme athletes. Tough Mudders, racing sailors, rowers, mountain bikers, and wakeboarders all agree that this set of gloves is one of the most important assets they own.

Gifts for men who know how to hold their own…

The 1.5 mm thick neoprene pad gives superior wet and dry gripping power which is vitally important when racing along at 8 knots when a microburst hits and he is struggling to reef , or making sure he has the traction he needs when he is covered in mud scrambling up a wall. The ¾ length anatomically designed figures leave him with the dexterity needed to clip into the jack line while not adding to hand fatigue and in extreme endurance sports , fatigue is the enemy.

They dry quickly and free of odor, as long as you get the mud and salt water off them. Lets face it he really doesn’t need to add to the stench coming from his gear bag. So if he is in the market for a new set of sport gloves, or you just really think his crusty old ones just need to go, these are the ones to snag.


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