Lacoste Beanie for the cool headed guy in your life


Wool beanie caps can go a lot of different ways.

They can make your guy look hip, yet warm on a cold day. But they can also make him look like a burglar on a Brinks Home Security commercial or, even worse, the tip of a condom.

The Lacoste beanie is all about cool. And warm.

It features an oversized, pixelated image of the unmistakeable crocodile logo that just screams Lacoste … or Paul Hogan … or Florida College football (yeah, I know, that’s Gators, but crocodiles, alligators — they’re all just dinosaurs that forgot to die, right?).

Anyway …

The hat is reversible with contrasting mirror images on each side, which means it’s actually two hats in one. It has a ribbed trim (hand to God, I didn’t know about that feature until after I made the condom joke) and it’s made from 100 percent Merino extra-fine wool, which means it just oozes cozy.

It is imported from Bulgaria, which is known for its superior wool. I have no idea if that’s actually true, but I’m going to bluff with the hope that you know as little about Bulgaria as I do.

Beanies can go either way — this one goes fashionable, functional, versatile and awesome.



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Andrew Lisa

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