Classy Nautica Waterproof Analog Watch


Your guy can dress, but his accessories leave a little to be desired. And by “a little to be desired,” I mean his watch looks like a sundial with a band. He might as well duct tape an hourglass to his wrist. Maybe he already did that.¬†

Check out this sleek, brushed stainless steel timepiece from Nautica, a watchmaker famous for toeing the line between formal and functional. Your guy could wear it with a suit and a three-olive martini or while shirtless and drinking a growler of beer at a barbecue.

Got a guy who doesn’t like beer or marinis? The watch isn’t the problem. Get a new guy.

The good news is, the watch is waterproof rated to 100 meters. The bad news is, if he dives down that far, your guy is likely to be mauled and eaten by a giant squid. Don’t worry, though. If that happens, he’ll be the most blinged out skeleton on the ocean floor.

Unless he lands next to Blackbeard. Homie could accessorize.

The watch features classic Nautica detailing and a waterproof mineral face.

It has an analog display, which everyone agrees is better than digital. Actually, track-and-field referees with stopwatches might disagree, but track-and-field referees dress like chain gang escapees and carry revolvers, so maybe they’re not the best people to emulate.

The quartz movement is fluid and reliable, and the watch comes adorned with the flags of different nations, or at least designs that look enough like the flags of different nations that at a quick glance, passersby will assume you’re cultured and worldly.

It’s got a chronograph and a gray dial, which means it will look all-around awesome on most any guy.


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