Museum Quality Wright Brothers Painting


Give your guy the gift of art that captures one of history’s greatest triumphs.

In 1902, the Wright brothers tested the bi-wing airplane — a machine that would one day go on to shoot King Kong off the Empire State Building and engage Snoopy in doghouse-on-doghouse aerial combat.

Even though the plane was built out of the same sturdy materials as Ikea particle-board furniture, the brothers tested it without seatbelts, without parachutes — even without public, back-of-the-hand TSA molestation.

As word of man’s triumph over nature spread, the public demanded to see it for themselves. In one case, Wilbur Wright demonstrated his flying machine over a racecourse, and an artist captured the spectacle in an imaginatively titled painting called “Wilbur Wright Demonstrates His Flying Machine Over the Racecourse.”

Now, your guy can own this masterpiece.

Created using the giclee process, which is the standard for museums and galleries around the world, the image is recreated with exceptional color accuracy.

Its resolution is perfect and it is not retouched or altered in any way. The smooth, acid-free paper preserves detail and perfect color gradient.

The Wright brothers wore suits, ties and heavy trench coats in North Carolina every second of every day of their lives so you could have this painting (Google Images “Wright brothers.” Seriously, guys, like, everybody is entitled to one day a week in sweatpants).

Realistic and lifelike, this piece has the potential to become a generational heirloom, meaning if you and your guy have a kid together, he can one day give it to that kid. If you don’t, he can always just hawk it on Craigslist when you guys break up.


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