Old-school Cast iron Dutch oven


Channel your inner Lewis and Clark the next time you saute, boil or blanch.

The epitome of tough, old-school cookware, this heavy cast iron Dutch oven is made of solid cast iron and is pre-seasoned for naturally non-stick cooking.

Heavy and cauldron-esque, it looks like something a warty, Medieval witch would use to brew a bubbly potion with newt’s eyes and spider webs. Its heavy, cast iron lid is more like a manhole cover than a pot top.

Perfect for open-flame cooking over a campfire or a fireplace, now your family can eat the way the Donner party ate when they got stranded in the Sierra Nevadas. No! Put that down! I called dibs on Aunt Margaret’s arm!

Five inches deep and 14 inches in diameter, It holds a full 10 quarts of liquid — just in case you need to take a “Three Stooges” bath in a pot.

In the never-ending quest to make cookware lighter and more manageable, pots and pans became cheap, flimsy aluminum shells knocked together in overseas sweatshops and treated with painted-on coatings of non-stick surfaces made of chemicals that no human being could possibly pronounce.

This Dutch oven is made in the USA and is built to survive decades — and lifetimes — of rugged use.


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