Fisher Bullet Space Pen as seen on Seinfeld


Gifts for Men who write out-of-this world love letters

There are two kinds of guys in this world: guys who take notes with apps on their phone, and guys who carry around a notebook and pen. If your guy is one of the last few from the old school who actually still puts writing implement to paper, occasionally even in — gasp! — cursive, your search for the perfect gift is over.

The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is a modern work of art for the old-school scribe in your life.

“Seinfeld” fans might remember it as the “astronaut pen” that Jerry took from  — and then gave back to — Jack Klompus.

It writes perfectly at any angle, even in zero gravity, for all those times your guy decides to get his thank-you notes out of the way while repairing the International Space Station. It writes in temperatures up to 250 degrees, for when he gets a spur-of-the-moment idea during atmospheric re-entry, as well as temperatures as low as -30 degrees, for when he’s stuck in the frozen lunar module like Kevin Bacon in “Apollo 13.”

It is finished with chrome and comes with a pocket clip, so it won’t float away into outer space if your guy bobbles it with his marshmallowy space gloves.

OK … back to Earth.

Here’s the sitch. Although this pen has set the standard for quality since it was invented for NASA in the 1940s, your guy doesn’t have to be an astronaut for this to be an awesome gift. 

It’s nearly indestructible. It writes smoothly the first time, every time. Its pressurized ink cartridge even lets you write upside down, which is out of this world in space or on Earth. 



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Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Over the course of his life, he has received a mountain of gifts that were unusable, ugly, impractical and otherwise unforgivably disappointing. Many of the people who bought these gifts were decent and well-meaning human beings. They weren't bad people, they were just bad shoppers. All they needed was a little guidance and direction when picking out that perfect something for that special someone. He does not want your guy to suffer as he has suffered.