Gifts for Men | Scarf with iphone window & zipper pocket


The problem with scarves is that they’re just another thing to lose. They do, however, make great gifts for men. 

Like sunglasses, an umbrella or your middle child, half the time you forget you even left the house with your scarf, and wind up leaving it on a park bench or a movie theater chair.

But the Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf is not something your guy is ever going to lose. In fact, it’s the scarf that will keep him from losing other things. It features a zippered pocket for ID, keys, money, Chapstick or whatever you need on a chilly day.

Best of all, it has a special pocket just for your guy’s cellphone. It’s got a clear vinyl window that “sticks” to your phone’s screen, which lets you use the smartphone without ever removing it from inside the scarf. That means no more using your teeth to tear off gloves to dig through pockets for your phone with frozen fingertips that haven’t had blood circulated to them for 45 minutes. It’s even got a window to take pictures or videos — because Instagram doesn’t take snow days.

It’s made of Polartec Wind Pro fleece, which feels like cashmere, yet blocks cold air better than that pink fluffy stuff in your attic that looks cozy, but actually cuts to ribbons if you touch it.

It fits any phone — and any neck, for that matter. Unless you’re dating Butterbean, but then he could just punch the cold air until it agrees to hold his phone for him. Seriously, scarves vary in shape, size, material, texture, color and fabric — but they’re rarely ingenuitive.

Get in on the front end of the coming trend of functional scarves with the Peepsnake.


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Andrew Lisa

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Over the course of his life, he has received a mountain of gifts that were unusable, ugly, impractical and otherwise unforgivably disappointing. Many of the people who bought these gifts were decent and well-meaning human beings. They weren't bad people, they were just bad shoppers. All they needed was a little guidance and direction when picking out that perfect something for that special someone. He does not want your guy to suffer as he has suffered.