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gifts for men with some WOW factor

– well you just found it. First off the name alone is perfect “Wallet Ninja”; why hello Danielson. Yeah, you just read that and you can’t unread it, but guys are dorky sometimes and I couldn’t resist. This black belt in multi-tools has honed its skills to blend in like a credit card and strike like a box cutter. 18 tools in a package the size and thickness of a credit card, what?! “The hell you say Chris?”

This expert of tool efficiency has 4 screw drives, box opener, bottle opener, Cell phone stand, 6 hex bolt heads, a ruler in centimeters and inches, nail puller, letter opener, can opener, and a freaking fruit peeler. This thing would probably build him a shed if he left it unattended for to long, well probably not. I would still keep an eye on it because ninjas are super sneaky. I know you probably noticed that a knife was not on the list and you are thinking “A bladeless ninja, surely that cannot be right,” but that is actually a design feature he will learn to love and embrace about this humble ninja. No blade or overt sharp edges means he doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to take it out when he flies. Well unless some unscrupulous TSA agent just wants to “confiscate” it.


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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is just your average dude; that is he makes wine for a living, sails the Caribbean on his vacations, and is in training to be a volunteer firefighter. Through out his life he was plagued with gifts, while practical for the honey-do list or interesting to play with for a few moments, just never hit that giddy, show every random stranger you see, level of “Look what I just got!” excitement. He wants to give you a chance to see your guy act like a kid that was just told he could light the rocket.