Irish Merino Wool Cardigan


Mr. Rogers, meet Brooklyn chic. Brooklyn chic, Mr. Rogers.

This imported Irish knitwear is as sexy as any sweater with buttons on it is ever going to be.

Made of 100 percent Merino wool, the sweater is handmade by West End Knitwear, which was established in 1957 by Molly Cullen, the granddaughter of Katie O’Shea — Ireland’s first craftswoman — who introduced her handmade knitwear in 1856.

If you’ve managed to stay awake through all the boring historical talk, let’s get into the sweater.

Contemporary designs. Aran stitching. Brown aran buttons. This cardigan just screams vintage, but its screams are muffled by thick, warm, cozy imported wool. You can score a decent cardigan anywhere, but your guy doesn’t do decent. He does finest sweater in history — and this just may be the finest sweater in history.

Don’t believe me? Ask Katie O’Shea.


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