River Of Skulls


Is your guy a oenophile? Don’t freak out – it’s really just a sophisticated word for wine lover or dude that can tell you the correct pronunciation for gewürztraminer, go ahead sound it out …. and you’re wrong. Now try this one Mourvedre, because thats what this is; 100% mourvedre from the Dalton Vineyard in Calaveras County. Twisted Oak Winery produced this as homage to their county. Calaveras means skulls in spanish and the county was named after a river lined with human skulls. They named it “El Rio De Calaveras (river of skulls)”, Missionaries of the 1700’s… got to love their style.

This is a medium bodied, full bore, flavor assault to your red wine tastebuds. Cherries, cassis, smoke from the bbq. You need to get him at least two bottles, one to blow his mind and another to slam on some unsuspecting buddies kitchen counter ” What did I bring?! BooYa!”. Give him a bottle to take on his next deep sea fishing trip, make them feel like true men of the deep blue “Yo Ho and.. dude pass the grog”.

Added bonus, keep the bottles. Drop a glow stick in there for Halloween, have him cut the top off for a sweet large candle holder,  or recycle…reduce… reuse.. Captain Planet!

Bad Mother-X#$%@&ER decoration not included. 


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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is just your average dude; that is he makes wine for a living, sails the Caribbean on his vacations, and is in training to be a volunteer firefighter. Through out his life he was plagued with gifts, while practical for the honey-do list or interesting to play with for a few moments, just never hit that giddy, show every random stranger you see, level of “Look what I just got!” excitement. He wants to give you a chance to see your guy act like a kid that was just told he could light the rocket.