Scented Sandlewood Comb Set


If your guy is old school enough to carry around a comb, he should be carrying around the comb of a gentleman.

Yes. It matters which type of comb your guy uses.

The cheap, plastic, made-in-Taiwan piece of junk he’s going around with now tugs at his hair, gives him a headache and creates static cling, which is why he shocks you with every touch like an X-Man.

Check out this pair of handmade natural green sandalwood combs. Both the fine-tooth and wide-tooth versions impart the naturally aromatic scent of sandalwood on your guy’s hair. Smooth, comfortable and static-free, the act of combing with a high-quality, well-made sandalwood comb improves blood circulation (bye-bye headaches), reduces dandruff (that’s the stuff that makes his dark shirts look like he lent them to his friend from Pompeii just before Mt. Vesuvius went off) and even reduces hair loss.

When he whips out either one of these babies to coif out the old pompadour, the people around him will see the craftsmanship of the natural wood grain and smell the subtle scent of sandalwood. They will tap on the brick of hardened hair gel sitting on top of their heads and realize the guy next to them is so awesome, he just outclassed them simply by combing his hair.


About Author

Andrew Lisa

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Over the course of his life, he has received a mountain of gifts that were unusable, ugly, impractical and otherwise unforgivably disappointing. Many of the people who bought these gifts were decent and well-meaning human beings. They weren't bad people, they were just bad shoppers. All they needed was a little guidance and direction when picking out that perfect something for that special someone. He does not want your guy to suffer as he has suffered.