National Park Bandana for those fun adventures


Your choice of bandana says a lot about you. Blue bandana: Crips. Red bandana: Bloods. Bright yellow bandana: you’re probably going to get stung in the face by a bee at some point later in the day.

Give the outdoorsy naturalist in your life a bandana that he can be proud of — one that is printed with a perfectly accurate relief map of an American national park. Take your pick from Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Great Smoky, Yosemite and more.

If John Muir started a street gang, he would have made his goons wear these bandanas.

Each bandana features a map that details the natural landscape and elevation of a single park. Your guy can wear it underneath a backward trucker hat like Axl Rose or folded up — headband style — like Tommy Lee. He can even wear it headband style with with the little knot in the front of his head instead of the back, like Tupac.

Either way, your guy’s new bandana will let the other campers, hikers and backpackers know that he’s a man of the world who appreciates natural beauty — or that he’s in the silliest street gang ever.


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