Nautical Themed Suspenders for the Natty Dresser



Stereotypical Southern sheriffs tug on them with their thumbs when deciding how to handle a smart-alecy prisoner. Assistant district attorneys on “Law and Order” wear them because “jurisprudence” is way too fancy a word to say while wearing a belt. Larry King wears them because how is he still on TV?

Suspenders keep your guy’s pants up — but they’re a lot more than just vertical belts.

Part throwback fashion, part timeless accessory, suspenders are more elegant, more sophisticated and more masculine than a leather waist tourniquet. The Trafalgar Men’s Nautical Dream Limited Edition Brace Belt is made in the USA with imported, handwoven French silk.

Covered in maritime imagery perfect for the seaman (yeah, I know) in your life, the suspenders are ecru, because, sure — why not just make up colors when you’re looking for a fancy way to say “off white?”

Seriously, though, these babies can class up your guy’s ensemble whether he’s wearing darks, lights or Earth tones — it’s time your guy put his shoulders to work.


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