Textured Tommy Hilfiger Blazer


When it comes to weddings and funerals, your guy can rock formalwear like nobody’s business. And casual? He’s got casual down to a science. But when it comes to finding a happy medium, overdressed and underdressed are his specialties.

No, I’m not saying you look bad, I’m just saying I wouldn’t necessarily have worn a hockey jersey to brunch.

No! You look great in a suit and tie! But … this is a barbecue.

If you’ve ever had either of these conversations, your guy needs to start thinking inbetweenzies.

Your guy needs a blazer.

This two-button, blended linen sport coat will keep your guy covered in the great divide between henley and three-piece suit.

The textured linen blend creates subtle vertical lines that add depth without making your guy look like a Yankees bat boy. See that unique color? See how it’s kind of earthy, and sort of looks like the color pink got rusty after being left outside in the rain? That’s called medium red. And it’s awesome. And this sport coat is awesome.


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Andrew Lisa

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Over the course of his life, he has received a mountain of gifts that were unusable, ugly, impractical and otherwise unforgivably disappointing. Many of the people who bought these gifts were decent and well-meaning human beings. They weren't bad people, they were just bad shoppers. All they needed was a little guidance and direction when picking out that perfect something for that special someone. He does not want your guy to suffer as he has suffered.