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Your guy is worldly, cultured and well traveled — and you’re going to help him see every inch of the planet. No, you’re not going to pay for his airfare or accommodations. Let Mr. Money Bags play Carmen Sandiego on his own nickel.

You’re going to buy him a travel journal, but not just any travel journal.

The Graphic Image World Travel journal is elegant, but tough enough for your guy to write down every detail about his ivory poaching, illegal lion hunting and blood diamond mining. You know what? Depending on what kind of traveler your guy is, maybe he shouldn’t be writing things down at all.

Anyway. It’s made of goatskin leather, because everyone knows the best journals come from chopped-up goats. This ain’t no black-and-white composition book — It is held together with the unmatched toughness of Smyth-sewn bindings.

Its 300 pages are more than just blank paper, they contain international dialing codes, regional maps, climate info, resource guides and contact information for U.S. embassies, just in case your guy gets into some “Midnight Express” type of trouble.

The gilt-edged pages are beautiful and functional, and your guy will be able to use the journal to record every adventure and expedition — he can even sketch drawings of the things he sees and experiences. Or, if he’s not going on a safari with Theodore Roosevelt in 1901, he could always just join Instagram.

No! Instagram is fleeting and temporary and tacky! This journal! Buy this journal!


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Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Over the course of his life, he has received a mountain of gifts that were unusable, ugly, impractical and otherwise unforgivably disappointing. Many of the people who bought these gifts were decent and well-meaning human beings. They weren't bad people, they were just bad shoppers. All they needed was a little guidance and direction when picking out that perfect something for that special someone. He does not want your guy to suffer as he has suffered.